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The Two Numbers Puzzles

Either Horizontal Pairs add up to the same number

For example 50+6=56, 17+39=56, 30+26=56, 15+ ??? = 56, so 41 is the right answer.

Or Vertical Pairs add up to consecutive numbers

For example 46+21=67
so 22 would be right answer

Horizontal Pairs answer
Vertical Pairs answer:

The Two Sculptures Puzzles

If Emperor statues both sides at each mile

In this case 3 for the beginning mile (2 for either end, and one large), 160 for the ones on either side of miles 1 through 80, and 40 large monuments for mile 1 through 80, for a total of 179

If an Emperor Statue each mile

the idea is you have 70 small states and 70/5 monuments, then add one more statue and one more monument for mile zero, so the guess would be 70+70/5+2=86

Large Monuments every miles
mile road
Total sculptures needed if Emperor statue on either side:
Total sculptures needed if one Emperor statue on each mile:

How many at the Ball?

If there were one Prince, there would be 5 Duchesses and 10 Marquises for a total of 16. Since 6 times 16 is 96, there are 6 Princes!

nobles attending
times as many of Class A than B
times as many of Class B than C
How many of Class C:


The acres from your subject are already in counted in your total, so 23+8-3+5=33

You have total acres
liege gives you
It doesn't matter what subject gives you!!
you give away
you buy
You will have: total acres

Ok, here is the scoop. I made this to help me get started. If it works for you, great! The Game does change, so be on your guard! If you have a tip to make it more accurate, great! Let me know! No guarentees expressed or implied here!

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Below is a Google search which can be handy. Try "4 miles in fathoms" Be careful, though--- If this is a survey, many choose "No" regardless of the correct conversion! Best to see what folks are saying in the TE Group Chat!

Have fun! Erzsabet Bergbahn


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