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If there is a error, please tell me the puzzle's numbers. Often in the process of testing there are certain ones that work and others that don't, so to get it right, it is most helpful to know exactly what was your puzzle. If it is easy for you, you can send me a screen shot directly to my email: erzsabet AT

Thanks for your patience and help!

-Erzsabet Bergbahn

Goose Egg Question
(best guess as of 14:00 22 Sept 2009)

Example: A goose lays an egg a day, each egg is worth 4 gold. In a week how much profit would 5 geese make if food costs 2 gold?

Solution: 7 times (4-2) times 5 geese = 14*5=70 gold

Thanks to KittyChilie Destiny, Lalo Telling and Dart Wolfe!

Each egg sells for:

Number of Geese:

Daily cost of feed:

My guess:

Ener Bing sent a goat variation.. Charity Grau and Shankles Foxdale figured out what to do with the goat! Goats eat all the eggs! So select ZERO!!!!

Walk around the block
(best guess as of 20:00 23 September 2009)

Example: Eliza leaves her house and walks 3 blocks west 3 blocks south 3 blocks west 2 blocks north If is takes 5 minutes to walk one block, how quickly can she walk back home? (we presume Eliza will take the direct route)

Thanks to Oilell Pinion

min. per block

My guess:

Dice Roll
(best guess as of 17:15 31 July 2012)

Example: You roll a die. To the rolled number you add 1 then square the result Then you subtract 5 and multiply the result by 8 Finally you add 9 to arrive at 41. What was the original roll?

Thanks to Dancer Greenfield, Elwood Holmer and Anisa Nadir who noticed that the number could be either squared or doubled or tripled!

You roll a die.
To the rolled number you add

then the result.

Then you subtract

and multiply the result by

Finally you add

to arrive at:

My guess of what the original roll was:

Barrel of Ale
(best guess as of 14:45 27 September 2009)

Example: A barrell full of ale weighs 270 pounds Only half remains, weighing 155 pounds. How much does the empty barrel weigh?

Thanks again to KittyChilie, Zadira Barzane, and Oilell Pinion!

Weight when full

Weight when half remains:

My guess:

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