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These are for "Puzzle" Questions not "Survey Unity" Questions
One suggested strategy for the "survey Unity" questions comes from Mrs. Reagan..
just say "NO"
If everyone says "no" to everything, we are more likely to get a majority most of the time! According to the wiki, most vote "YES" to the "truth being revolutionary" question.

Count the Moons

Compute the differences to pick the right guess

For example:
Looking at the difference of all possible combinations we have
17-15=2, 17-20=3 15-20=5.
Since the clue said one was off by 5 and another was off by 3,
we see that 20 is the right answer.

The 3 guesses:
How much "off by"
(order doesn't matter):
My guess at the answer

Astrodynamics Training Daze

Compute the escape velocity

For example: 2000 kb needs 16,000 m/s so how much does 8000 kg ship need? Possible solution? Ive been told that the scape velocity is independent of the mass of the escaping object. It does not matter if the mass is 1 kg or 1000 kg, escape velocity from the same point in the same gravitational field is always the same. The energy needed would be more, but the speed is the same. I'm going to try using the same speed, and see if this works.
CONFIRMED! Just use the same escape velocity as the lighter object.

A Fellow Trader

Compute how many he started with

For example 1/5 to Muri, half to Mimi, half of the rest to Kelv, keeping 5.
Solution: Before Kelv's gift he had 10, so before Mimi's gift he had 20. Since 4 fifths is 20, he must have started with 5*20/4= 25
(Quick way: 5*kept)
Another example: 1/3 to Mimi half to Mimi, half to Kelv, keeping 4. So he must have had 8 before Kelv, 16 befor Mimi, if 2/3x=16, then x=(3/2)16=24 at the start.
(Quick way: 6*kept)

First person was given:
Number he kept for himself:

Number he started with:

A Fellow Crazy Merchant

Compute how much something costs

Download "Insane Merchant" Widget for Mac Users
(you can get it on a Vista sidebar with Amnesty by using the code I have posted atwidgetbox)

For example:
"comm unit" has 3 vowels and 5 consonants and costs 1600
"VR rig" has 1 vowel and 4 consonants and costs 1000
and "ship" has 1 vowel and 3 consonants, so it costs: 800!

This side is quick to use:

Object Name Price
First Object:
Second Object:
Find Price for:

Be sure you have the correct item with the correct price

Insane Merchant Widget (ver. 2) for Mac Users

In case there are new items, not on the list on the left side:

Object Name Price
First Object:
Second Object:
Find Price for:

Be sure you have the correct item with the correct price


Compute how many satellies are in orbit

For example: Satellite 6 is opposite Satellite 19. How many satellites?
Solution: Double the difference, that is (19-6)*2=26

Sattellite Number:
Number of Sattellite opposite:

Total Number of Sattellites:

Ship's Distance From a Planet

Compute how close your ship will fly from a Planet

(Thanks to Anisa Nadir!)

For example: Plant Mu, 16,000 km across,
has a moon that orbits at a distance of 110,000 km, center to center.
If a ship orbits the moon at 20,000 km,
how close will it fly to the surface of Mu?
Solution: 110,000-(16,000/2) - 20,000 = 82,000

Planet Distance across: (in 1000's of km)
Distance to moon: (in 1000's of km)
Ship's distance to planet: (in 1000's of km)

Ship's distance to Planet: (in 1000's of km)

Ok, here is the scoop. I made this to help me get started. If it works for you, great! The Game does change, so be on your guard! If you have a tip to make it more accurate, great! Let me know! No guarantees expressed or implied here!

This page is constantly changing--Press Reload or Refresh to make sure you have the latest version.

If there is a error, please tell me the puzzle's numbers. Often in the process of testing there are certain ones that work and others that don't, so to get it right, it is most helpful to know exactly what was your puzzle. If it is easy for you, you can send me a screen shot directly to my email: erzsabet AT

Thanks for you patience and help!

Have fun! Erzsabet Bergbahn


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